Sir Roy Strong
"An old sport given new life by responding to the changed ideals of our age."
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The New Forest Drag Hunt (NFDH) is a new and exciting drag hunt that offers all the fun of live quarry hunting without any controversy.
We offer everything a traditional hunt provides, and more. We have hounds, a field of riders, social activities and traditional livery. The only difference is that we follow an artificial scent instead of a live animal.

Our followers are all looking for the same experience - an exhilarating ride across country and a fun day out with the hounds and other riders. We welcome riders of all abilities and ages. One of the benefits of drag hunting is that it can be organised to suit the tastes and abilities of those taking part.

Apart from our lead drag hounds, all of our hounds have been rehomed from other hunts and have been retrained to follow an artificial scent. Any that don't take to drag hunting, through old age or unsuitability, either live out their retirement with the pack or are found suitable and loving new homes.

The NFDH is supported by a number of high-profile individuals and organisations including the RSPCA.